Technology Solutions for Aging In Place
Katharine Prince | Nov 24, 2014
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Intel Health Guide

Intel wants you to age gracefully at home with the Intel Health Guide which is the leading edge of technology for aging in place; designed to help seniors stay in their homes longer.

Many diseases that plague older adults have gone from acute (pneumonia once called the old man’s friend) to chronic (not cured only managed), and the Intel Health Guide monitoring system is a proactive way to deal with these conditions before they require emergency intervention.

“Magic Carpets”

The Intel group has also developed a sensor-infused carpet that can measure changes in gait to help prevent falls proactively. Sensors collect and analyze daily routines such as walking, and note changes in behaviors.

Automated data collection and transmission is forwarded to a care management team and any changes in a loved one’s activities could be communicated to caregivers, family, or friends via e-mail, cell phone, text message or pager, or through a password-protected web site.

Rest Assured

Rest Assured is an example of new “Telecare” technology, which is collaboration between ResCare (a leader in senior facilities) and the Wabash Center of Lafayette, Indiana, along with the Purdue University School of Technology.

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Once installed, the Rest Assured system authorizes users with a PC or Mac and an internet connection, to log into MyRestAssuredSystem.com and virtually visit their loved one and see all the services provided. Access is immediate and it’s easy to stay connected–where ever you are.

GrandCare Systems

GrandCare Systems uses the internet and the senior’s TV to communicate, and by using wireless sensors to monitor wellness, including motion, body temperature, door position, blood pressure, weight, and other programmed, customized variables.

The breakthrough technology allows family and caregivers to connect virtually with seniors by sending pictures, videos, reminders, emails, calendar appointments, messages, news and weather updates, all directly to a private channel on the senior’s TV; creating a user friendly “Communication Station.”

In addition, various “smart home sensors” strategically placed around the home can assure family members that their loved one is safe and comfortable while enjoying independence at home.

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