Aging Well: 22 Tips To Help You Age Brilliantly

Senior Woman

Like the “Placebo Effect’ studies find strong statistical support for health and positive attitude.  The following 22 points are an excerpt of the full article. Click here to read the full article.

“1. Breathe

2. Stay In Touch

3. Let It Go

4. Focus On The Big Picture

5. Stand (And Sit) Up Straight

6. Connect!

7. Defy The Odds
8. Make Peace With Your Aging Parents

9. Be Forever In Blue Jeans

10. Don’t Assume You’ve Missed The Boat

11. Become A Classic

12. Have Sex

13. Get Out of the City

14. Imagine The Possibilities

15. Hang Out With…
16. Learn To Adapt

17. Follow The Example Of Your Elders
18. Let The Music Play

19. Keep A Little Something For Yourself

20. Pass On What You’ve Learned

21. Stay In The Game

22. Think Like A Guy”

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