Baby Boomers Remodel as They Age

Jay Fitzgerald, The Boston Globe

Boomers remodeling their homes to accommodate aging in place is not a new theme However, the Boston Globe noted that this is becoming a mainstream activity. This represents only a win for the ability to age in place but may substantially lower the burden to the healthcare system.

Frequently seniors are forced to move to higher care facilities as the current configuration of their home will no longer support them. The remodeling necessary to correct this might be as simple as a stair-lift or the re-design of a shower.

The costs to remodel are frequently trivial when compared with the those associated with assisted living or skilled nursing facilities. Some states are experimenting with funding home renovations as a cost-effective means of avoiding the use of public funds for assisted living or skilled nursing facilities. The real point is to begin your planning and renovations now while the choice is still yours.

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