Bahamas Getaway for Seniors

Joshua Fogel, Live Age Thrive!

With over 700 tropical Caribbean Islands, the Bahamas is a premiere vacation spot for anyone looking for a paradise getaway. The warm weather is therapeutic, the nature is awe-inspiring, and the culture is fascinating. With sun-tanning on the beach, elegant boat rides, delicious restaurants and dazzling nightclubs, the Bahamas appeals to everyone young and old; however, here we will talk about how the Bahamas is the perfect spot for senior citizens. 

What to do? 

Beaches: Comprised of over 700 islands, you can only imagine that there must be 1,000s of exotic beaches to enjoy in The Bahamas. The ocean shore is especially great for seniors who are looking to kick back on a lounge chair and enjoy the comforts of life, that they have worked so hard for. The big islands of New Providence and Grand Bahama are definitely 2 spots that seniors can plan to reside, for their getaway. For boating enthusiasts, these popular islands offer a wealth of options such as ferries, cruises, sailing and more.

While the larger islands offer much comfort and relaxation, you should also consider visiting the smaller islands such as Harbour Island, Spanish Wells, San Salvador, and others. Averaging a bit over 1,000 people, these are amongst the smaller islands where you can go to be more secluded and alone with the with your spouse. Even if you don’t have a significant other, these spots are still great for people looking for some relaxing alone time and a smaller crowd. If you’re really looking to be alone and feel like you own your private island, make sure to visit some of the really small islands such as Rum Cay, Bimini and others.

Berry Islands

Dining: As you have probably imagined, the Bahamas provides a myriad of illustrious dining possibilities. You can find luxury restaurants anywhere on the main islands, and even many of the smaller ones. Bahama Breeze, Rock House Restaurant, Sapodilla and Pier 1 restaurant are just a few of these elegant options. While seniors on vacation are often okay with spending the extra money on luxury restaurants, there are plenty of delicious dining opportunities for those with a more limited budget. Dino’s Gourmet Conch Salad, Bernie’s Tekie Hut, The Bikini Hut, and Lighthouse Café are just a few of these options.

Hotels: When it comes to lodging, there are 100s of luxurious hotels located across most locations, especially on the major islands. Whether you’re looking for a room overlooking the beach, or a gorgeous view of the country’s landscape, The Bahamas provides all these options at their resorts. The Ocean Club Four Seasons Resort, Hilton, French Leave Resort, Graycliffe Hotel, and the Baha Mar are just a few of these prestigious options. Most hotels and lodging area offer senior discounts, so be sure to take advantage of these specials.

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