Benefits of Seniors Having Peers

Patrick Roden

  1. Credibility: A 75 year old is more likely to listen to another 75 year old about advice (aging as shared experience)
  2. If I Can do it so Can You: Self-efficacy is key in gerontology, just knowing someone not unlike yourself was successful can increase your confidence to take on the task of aging in place
  3. On Going Support: Seniors have time to help other seniors = Purpose
  4. A Source of Environmental Press: Peer-to-Peer mentoring will keep aging brains engaged
  5. Cohort Effect: Seniors have served in wars, raised children, retired, lost friends, nurtured grandchildren, fought through health issues, etc…They share the same life experiences as a group = Trust
  6. Senior Peers insights: Seniors know what it’s like to be old and the challenges of living at home, obstacles easily identified on home assessments
  7. Sensitivity to Aesthetics: Seniors know what’s important in making a house a home for the older adults
  8. Access: Seniors have access to other seniors in church, senior centers, the gym, community centers
  9. Tie to Existing Programs serving Seniors: For example, Meals-on-Wheels would be a perfect Trojan Horse to an aging-in-place home assessment
  10. Recruitment: Seniors could recruit other seniors to be Peer-to-Peer Aging in Place consultants

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