Challenges of Aging In Place

1) Enter and exit of the home

  • At least one no-step entry with canopy/awning for protection
  • Walkway path with little or no slope and 36-inches wide
  • Surface to place packages on when opening the door
  • Accessible level doorbell
  • Keyless door locks operated by remote control or keypad
  • Sensor light at entry aiming at front door lock
  • 36-inch wide door (to accommodate 32 inch widths)
  • Lever-style door handles
  • Non-slip flooring in foyer
  • High/low peephole viewer
  • Ramp to doorway if required

2) Up and down stairs

  • Sturdy hand rails on both sides of stairways, 11/4-inch diameter
  • Contrast strips on top and bottom stairs to increase visibility
  • Color contrast between treads and risers on stairs and use of lighting
  • Stair treads are 10 to 11-inches deep, wide enough for the entire foot
  • No carpet
  • Stair rise is no more than 7-inches from one step to the next
  • Multi-story homes may provide either pre-framed shaft (i.e. stacked closets) for future elevator, or stairway width must be a minimum of 4 feet to allow space for a stair lift.

3) Safety in the bathroom

  • Bracing in the walls around the tub, shower, shower seat, and toilet for installing grab bars to support 250 pounds.
  • Curb-less shower with minimum of 36-inches width
  • Fold down seat in the shower
  • Hand held adjustable shower heads with 6-foot hose
  • Offset from center tub/shower controls
  • Slip-resistant flooring in bathroom and shower
  • Toilet 2.5-inches higher than standard (17 to 19-inches) with adjustable height.
  • Wall-hung sinks to accommodate knee space with a panel to protect user from pipes
  • Bathtub with door for in/out ease, or a bath lift
  • Color contrast edge borders on counter tops
  • One hand toilet paper holder dispenser
  • Wheelchair maneuverable bath on main level with 60-inch turning radius or t-turn space for 36-inch by 36-inch or 30-inch by 48-inch clear space

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