3 Simple Retirement Travel Hacks

Joshua Fogel, Live Age Thrive!

When asking people how they plan to spend their retirement, “travel” comes up as one of the most common answers across the board. While retirement will yield an abundance of free time, other nuances such as financials and logistics come into play when planning out your travels. In this guide, we will discuss some travel hacks you can use for your retirement. 

1. Take Advantage of Discounts

Being a senior citizen, yields the perks of numerous senior discounts for travel and other endeavors. Probably every major US airline offers senior discounts and most travel agencies such as Trivago, Kayak, Expedia, offer these deals as well. Cruise Lines, Hotels, and almost every other major travel company, offers senior discounts for seniors that are readily accessible on their websites. Also, look to plan your vacation itinerary earlier than later to take advantage of the numerous early bird discounts. While all of these discounts are beneficial and lucrative, just bear in mind that this doesn’t mean they all build upon one another.

2. Home Sharing

Rent Out Your Home: If you own a permanent residence that you’re willing to rent out, then home sharing is a great way to make some extra travel money. Airbnb and VRBO are two home sharing websites that help travelers looking to rent out homes, and these sites are known for being safe and straight forward. To rent out your home, you need to list your property with a few pictures, price, description etc. Once you’re home is up on the website, potential renters will reach out to you regarding your property and sales can thus be made.

Rent a Home: With the launch of Airbnb, the home sharing market has become very lucrative in recent past. While seniors want to enjoy luxurious vacations and are okay with spending more money on comfort, anyone can now find tons of luxury homes to rent out for their travels. Home sharing has become a mainstream travel option that can both save you money as well as provide high quality lodging options.

3. Stay Longer at Destinations

Planning out longer trips will yield the benefit of a more relaxed travel and will offer more value for your money. While the total amount of money you will spend at any particular location will be increased, the price per day will be significantly less. You’ll be able to take things a bit slower and relax more at each destination, as opposed to rushing to different spots to fill out your bucket list. You will also be able to explore your destination in greater depth and benefit more from the overall experience.

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